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Seth Jacob has traveled extensively across Italy to capture the heart of Italian Culture.

Travel Map of Italy

Italy offers an array of cultural experiences. historical, cuisine, view images of italy at www.italyprintshop.com


Lake Como

Map of Italy

Cinque Terra, Venice, the Lakes Region

In the northern region hike the trails of cinque terra and experience the best seafood you have ever had.Cinque Terra offers Drive the breakthtaking vistas of the lake region. Experiencing lake como is like living a dream. Stroll the romantic alleys of venice and experience a real gondola ride. Milan is the fashion capital of Italy.


Rome and Tuscany

Explore the rick treasures of Rome. The vatican, the parthenon, the Forum, the colosseaum. Explore the towns of Tuscany, montepulciano, sienna, florence.

Amazing food and wine. Medievel towns of Tuscany. Rome is a metropolitan and international city yet still retains the authentic italian feel.


Naples, Southern Italy and Sicily

Southern Italy offers a rich cultural experience. Naples it the home of the pizza. Walk the ancient streets of pompeii and feel like you have stepped back in time. Explore the old alleys of Naples. Sicily offers amazing wine, greek ruins.

Italian Culture

Experience italian culture, food, history, cuisine. Italian Fashion is second to none.